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What services are offered by Dental Clinic?

What services are offered by Ryde Dental Clinic?

Ryde dentist in Isle of Wight is a clinic that offers a variety of services to patients. Its highly trained team has more than 25 years of combined experience in the field. Their personalized approach ensures that their patients are fully satisfied with their treatment. Services include examinations, hygiene services, air abrasion decay removal, and general dental care. In addition, the clinic offers dental acupuncture and treatment for teeth-related headaches.

Integrated Care System

A new commissioning system is coming to dental services in the dentist Isle of Wight, Hampshire. It will focus on integrating care and creating place-based partnerships to deliver better care. The ICS will bring together NHS services, local councils, health and social care organizations, carers and service users. Leading Island figures hope this system will solve a major dental crisis that has afflicted the Island.

The Integrated Care System will consist of two parts – an Integrated Care Board, which will run and monitor the organization, and an Integrated Care Partnership, which will commission services to meet the health and well being needs of the population. Both the Board and the ICS will be responsible for identifying and delivering strategies that will help improve the health of the community.

Dentist Isle Of Wight | Tower House Dental Clinic

COVID-19 deep cleaning

When a person coughs or sneezes, they send out respiratory droplets. These droplets then fly into the air and can cause illness in others. These droplets also live in mucus and saliva in the mouth. The dental tools that your dentist uses come into contact with these droplets. In addition, some dental devices may also spray these droplets around. This is how COVID-19 spreads.


Invisalign is a modern orthodontic treatment that uses aligners to gradually shift teeth into their correct position. The procedure requires less frequent visits to the dentist, but they will still be able to check your progress. A Ryde dentist who offers Invisalign treatment can help you to straighten your teeth without feeling self-conscious.

The aligners are made of thermoplastic material, which is flexible and thin. Moreover, they do not contain gluten, latex, bis phenol A, or bis phenol S. During treatment, you may also have small trays called attachments. These are custom made to fit your teeth and may be used to fix complex dental problems.

Dentist Isle Of Wight | Tower House Dental Clinic

Tomasz Mazgaj

Tomasz earned his dental degree from the Jagiellonian University in Cracow, one of the oldest education institutions in Europe. He currently manages a list of patients, including both adults and children. He also has an interest in surgery and preventive gum work. In addition, he works on Tower House Dental Clinic.

NHS dentistry in a ‘critical state’

NHS dentistry is in a ‘critical state’ and must undergo major reforms to provide services to the entire population. Insufficient funding, poor contracting and social distancing measures are all contributing factors to the crisis. The government’s failure to invest in NHS dentistry has undermined the confidence of dentists and has led to many turning to the private sector to protect their staff, patients and businesses. Furthermore, many young dental graduates are seeing little or no future in the NHS. Increasing part-time work and Brexit have further exacerbated the problem.

As a consequence, patients in ‘Red’ categories are not eligible for advanced dental care on the NHS. Only basic restorative procedures are offered. Furthermore, these patients are expected to make changes to their diet and oral hygiene to reduce their ‘risk’. In some cases, this requires them to make multiple trips to a dentist for maintenance.

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