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A Complete Guide to Marketing Strategies in Healthcare

Healthcare business marketing strategies are important for a number of reasons. They include SEO, Social media, and mobile-first indexing. The strategies you choose to implement must be tailored to your company’s specific needs. Potential investors and marketing employees should also review your marketing strategies. If you’re unsure of how to begin, consult with an experienced marketing consultant or company attorney.

Content marketing

Content marketing for the healthcare business is a critical component to success. It helps you keep current and potential customers interested in your offerings. This type of marketing requires the use of trusted sources and information to build trust and generate conversions. Depending on your audience and industry, content can be provided in several forms, from a series of videos to articles. Ultimately, the goal is to increase website traffic and increase conversions.


Using SEO for healthcare business marketing can increase the amount of website traffic your business receives and, in turn, generate more revenue. As 80% of all website traffic begins with a search query, ensuring that your website ranks highly on search engines is critical to attracting the right buyers. As the search results for health-related queries decline, healthcare businesses need to make sure that their sites are ranked high to increase ROI.

Social media

Social media is becoming a crucial part of healthcare business marketing. It is important for healthcare organizations to share important information about their practice with their audiences to create trust. People use social media to look for information and stay updated on the latest news. However, one of the problems with social media is the spread of false information. According to a recent survey, false information spreads six times faster on social media than the truth. In addition, social media is a popular way to promote inaccurate information, as most people focus on the headlines of posts rather than reading the full content.

Mobile-first indexing

Google rolled out mobile-first indexing this month. This means they are now searching for mobile-optimized and responsive sites. That means that one-page mobiles won’t do. It’s essential to make your website mobile-friendly and responsive in order to get the best possible search engine results.

Video marketing

Creating a video for your healthcare business is a good way to attract customers.

The average American spends over eight minutes a day watching online video. There are even popular healthcare channels with millions of views that are run by practicing doctors. By creating a video for your healthcare practice, you can reach a global audience.

HIPAA-compliant security walls

Marketing for healthcare businesses is a challenging task, especially since HIPAA compliance is required. However, there are ways to market your business while complying with HIPAA rules. For example, using a social media marketing platform such as Social Climb can help you measure your ROI, integrate with your PM/EHR, and improve your online reputation. This way, you can attract high-value patients and build a stronger reputation for your practice.


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